History of Cecil Township

The township is named after Cecil County, Maryland.

The Washington Pittsburg Pike, or Morganza Road as it is known today, came into existence around 1790 and was the main passageway and mail route from Wheeling to Pittsburgh. One of the original farms in Cecil Township, the McConnell farm, is still in the family and is being farmed today. Cecil was the third in the list of original townships of Washington County and embraced in its territory the present township and all that portion of Allegheny County lying between Robinson Run and Chartiers Creek, and all the present township of Chartiers, as well as the northern portion of Mount Pleasant. 

The erection of Allegheny County in 1788 and the addition made to that county in 1789 reduced the territory of Cecil, which was further reduced to its present limits by the erection of Chartiers in March 1790, and of Mount Pleasant in 1808. 

Township Boundaries

The township is bounded on the west by Mount Pleasant and Robinson; on the north and northeast by Allegheny County; on the east by Peters and North Strabane townships; on the south by Chartiers and Mount Pleasant townships. The only stream of any importance in the township is Chartiers Creek, which marks its eastern boundary.

Historical Society

Cecil Township has a Historical Society that meets the third Wednesday of 3 every Month in the Township Municipal Building. For more information, you can go to the Cecil Township Historical Society website

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