Access the Township's YouTube Channel

                 Accessing the Cecil Township YouTube Channel


The Cecil Township YouTube Channel is where we stream our events live and hang videos for future review. Videos are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 


  1. From your internet browser, type in YouTube and wait for the YouTube page to open.
  2. Type in the YouTube search bar (to the left of the magnifying glass) or click the below:

Cecil Township PA

  1. Our YouTube Channel should appear with the Cecil Township crest in full view.
  2. Click on the Cecil Township crest and the library should open
  3. You will see six recordings from left to right
  4. The current live stream should show a “LIVE” in the corner of the window that signifies the live stream is active
  5. Once the live stream is over, click EXIT and you will be out of the YouTube Channel.


At times you will have to try again due to too much traffic.